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About Dracula: The Sequel ~ Crossroads (New Teleplay)

Dracula: The Sequel ~ Crossroads is based on characters from Dracula: The Series and was written between August 2009 to May 2010. It is a two-part teleplay, with each part being 45 to 50 minutes in length. The story of the new teleplay is original; however, no ownership of the characters or setting is intended or implied. The new teleplay in no way intends to infringe upon the rights of the holders of copyrights, trademarks, or other legal rights to the Dracula: The Series franchise. It is hoped that with a strong fan following and insider support, rights holders will realize its potential, and a new series could be produced.

Keeping true to the original format, Dracula: The Sequel ~ Crossroads is intended as family entertainment. It resolves the Season 1 cliffhanger of Dracula: The Series, maintaining the show's campiness while keeping the horror of the Dracula legend in the forefront, as the original series had done so effectively.

Dracula: The Series writer Stu Woolley (episodes "Double Darkness" and "I Love Lucard") has been instrumental in his guidance and unwavering in his support of this project. Marsha Garelick, promotion coordinator for Dracula: The Series distribution in the United States, has also graciously spoken in support of this endeavor. Finally, Bernard Behrens (Uncle Gustav) had expressed happiness over the idea of a new screenplay in the works. Sadly, he passed away on September 19, 2012. If this sequel teleplay is produced as a two-part pilot for a series reboot, it is hoped it would be dedicated to Bernard Behrens in his memory.

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While the sequel teleplay was completed in 2010, efforts to promote the teleplay and the idea of a sequel/series reboot to rights holders, showrunners, and original series cast and crew were put on hold because of the screenwriters' involvement in other projects. However, efforts to bring Dracula: The Sequel ~ Crossroads to life began again in August 2013. NBC's new Dracula series, which premiered on October 25, 2013, is intended for a mature audience and has a "soap opera with fangs" feel to it; yet, a family entertainment program in the same vein (pun intended) as Dracula: The Series is noticeably absent. Today, such a series would not only be welcomed by parents and kids/'tweens alike, not to mention scores of fans of the original series, but it would also find a profitable niche on a cable and satellite television network.

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Dracula: The Sequel ~ Crossroads Overview
The story picks up more than twenty years after Gustav Helsing, his son Klaus, and Lucard/Dracula enter the portal inside Dracula's castle in Europe. At that time (1991), Max Townsend, who was then 10 years of age, became determined to learn all he could about Dracula and rescue Uncle Gustav. Now, as an adult, Max is a history professor, is unmarried, and as he had promised, has never given up his search for Uncle Gustav, but to no avail. He has also become a vampire hunter himself.

His brother, Chris, followed in their mother's footsteps and is employed as a bank manager. He was married and has two sons, Mark (who is 15 years old) and Nicholas (who is 10); however, he and his wife are now separated and heading for divorce. Chris and his estranged wife currently share custody of the kids, who are staying with their dad while their mother is away on business.

Sophie Metternich had also been married and has one daughter, Stephanie, who is 9 years of age. Sophie is currently divorced and raising her daughter alone, without help or concern from her ex-husband, who is a deadbeat dad. She plays in the local orchestra and never gave up her passion for the arts.

One night, Max has a troubling vision. He has an encounter with Alexander Lucard, who mystically appears as Dracula in his study at his home in Philadelphia. When he awakens, he believes it was just a nightmare. But upon further inspection of his surroundings, he realizes it may not have been a nightmare after all. 

This sparks Max to reach out to Sophie, and after they compare similar paranormal events, they decide they must return to Dracula's castle. After some coaxing, Chris agrees to go along as well, and both Chris and Sophie bring their children. They all reunite at the foot of the castle, which brings back many memories. The kids are eager for excitement, and their parents and "Uncle Max" are in awe of their past; however, Max, Chris, and Sophie are also very much aware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows. With the hope of finding Uncle Gustav once and for all, they embark on their adventure. Little do they realize that finding Uncle Gustav, which of course includes finding Dracula, as well as Klaus, is only the beginning.

They encounter many vampires along the way, some new and some they already know. In the end, it is the kids who save the day, setting the stage for many more adventures to come.