Episode Guide

Children of the Night

(Air Date ~ September 24, 1990)

An international banking executive, Eileen Townsend, arrives in Europe with her two sons, Max and Chris. Max is full of talk of vampires; Chris just wants to go home. He changes his tune when he meets the beautiful young Sophie Metternich at the home of their uncle, Gustav Helsing. The boys will live with Uncle Gustav and Sophie while Eileen is away on business. Eileen and the boys meet billionaire Alexander Lucard at an embassy reception. When Max decides that Uncle Gustav is a vampire, he goes to Lucard for help. This is a big mistake because Lucard is actually none other than the legendary Count Dracula, now dressed in Armani suits and running a multi-billion-dollar empire. Chris and Sophie pursue Max to the castle, but only the timely arrival of Uncle Gustav saves the day. Later, Gustav tells the boys about his vampire-hunting past. The boys sign on, and a new vampire-hunting team is born. 

Guest Cast: Cynthia Eastman as the receptionist; Veronique Prune as the police officer.

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Allan Eastman

Double Cross

(Air Date ~ October 1, 1990)

Walter and Anna Dyson, two old friends of Uncle Gustav's, come to stay at the house. Unknown to Gustav, Max has removed a powerful talisman, the Cross of the Magyars, from the house. It is the cross which keeps vampires from entering the Helsing home, and Lucard (Dracula) finds out that it's been removed. Now the kids must face a terrifying invasion of the house by Dracula, but the cross is returned at the last minute, and it drives Dracula from the house in a blaze of light.

Guest Cast: Dawn Greenhalgh as Anna Dyson, John Gilbert as Walter Dyson, Francois Pescatore as Sexton

Writers Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde

Director: Allan Eastman

The Vampire Solution

(Air Date ~ October 8, 1990)

Gustav and one of his former students, Arthur Bauer, find a rare herb, of which only two exist, and develop a formula that they hope will reverse the effects of a vampire's bite. When Arthur is kidnapped, Gustav allows himself to be captured by Lucard so that he can test the solution on himself and Arthur. But the formula doesn't work because Max has confused it with his protein energy drink and has consumed all of the quinidrine. When the kids arrive to free Gustav, Max is able to fend off Lucard and his cruel lieutenant, Klaus, by firing energy bolts at them through his fingers. Back at the house, Gustav is saved by the solution, but Bauer chooses to remain a vampire. He attacks Gustav but doesn't know about the Cross of the Magyars, the house's protective talisman...which destroys him.

Guest Cast: Geraint Wyn Davies as Klaus, Jonathan Welsh as Arthur Bauer, Thomas Goersz

Writer: Peter Meech

Director: Allan King

The Boffin

(Air Date ~ October 15, 1990).

Max brings home a bungling vampire-hunting scientist, Magnus St. John-Smythe, who insists that a new laser gun he's developed can destroy vampires. Magnus' benefactor in the project is none other than Lucard himself, eager to learn if such a gun is possible. Lucard determines that Magnus' invention is a waste of time and money when it has no effect on a vampire colleague. Incensed, he's about to vampirize Magnus, when Gustav and Max barge in and save the day. Later, at Lucard's castle, the vampire colleague suddenly disintegrates and Lucard becomes the proud owner of the world's only delayed-action vampire gun...which he then destroys.

Guest Cast: Patrick Monckton as Magnus St. John-Smythe, Lee MacDougall

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Allan Eastman

Double Darkness

(Air Date ~ October 22, 1990)

Lucard's ancient and bitter rival, Nosteratu, arrives in town to muscle in on Lucard's economic turf. Nosferatue is less polished than Lucard, more primal, more thuggish and political. While Lucard has been piling up millions and creating economic evil as a capitalist, Nosferatu has been bringing misery to people by propping up repressive governments, fomenting civil wars, and so forth, and then cashing in - or biting in - on the resultant chaos.

Guest Cast: Denis Forest as Nosferatu, Laurie Paton as Dr. Cross, Richard Liss

Writer: Stu Woolley

Director: Randy Bradshaw

Black Sheep

(Air Date ~ October 29, 1990)

An aggrieved husband, Paul Yeager, asks Gustav to kill the vampire who has taken Yeager's wife. Lucard's cruel assistant Klaus is the culprit, but astonishingly, Gustav refuses to help track him down. In fact, at one point, he warns Klaus of a trap Yeager has set for him. It turns out that his strange behavior is because Klaus is his son, vampirized long ago by Lucard. Gustav traps Klaus in their family crypt but can't bring himself to kill his vampire son. Instead, he imprisons Klaus in the crypt with the help of Lucard, for whom Klaus has become a loose cannon. Gustav must leave his only son imprisoned until he can find a way to return him to normal.

Guest Cast: Geraint Wyn Davies as Klaus Helsing, Michael Fletcher as Paul Yeager, Richard Liss

Writers: Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde

Director: Allan Eastman

What a Pleasant Surprise

(Air Date ~ November 5, 1990)

Our heroes become curious when Lucard buys an old, worthless movie theatre. While searching the theatre, Gustav suddenly finds himself at the mercy of one of his childhood heroes, the silent film era's most famous vampire actor, Jonas Carey. Now a real vampire hmself, Carey has been imprisoned in the theatre for the past sixty years under the power of Lucard. Lucard has purchased the theatre to ensure that Carey's freedom doesn't last long, but Carey yearns to stage a comeback. When Lucard arrives to destroy Carey, Gustav fights along side his childhood hero. Meanwhile, Eileen arives unexpectedly at Gustav's house. The kids dodge her questions about Gustav's whereabouts, and we think all is well...until the next day, when we see Eileen at a business lunch with Alexander Lucard.

Guest Cast: Kim Coates as Jonas Carey, Brigid Tierney as little girl #1, Sybil Eastman as little girl #2, Alma Prika as the silent movie heroine

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Allan Eastman

Damsel in Distress

(Air Date ~ November 12, 1990)

Eileen is indeed doing business with Lucard; in fact, she's going to have dinner with him at his castle. Gustav and the kids learn of the dinner, but Gustav himself is vampirized by one of Lucard's lieutenants, and the kids are left on their own to rescue Mom. They release Gustav, but as they are leading Eileen from the castle, she reveals herself as a vampire. Lucard orders Eileen to bite Max...but her love for her son overpowers Lucard's control over her.

Guest Cast: Lynne Cormack as Eileen Townsend, Tom Wood as Carl Brewer

Writers: Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde

Director: Rene Bonniere

Mind Over Matter

(Air Date ~ November 19, 1990)

An off-beat husband-and-wife team of psychics, Lane and Lana Zorro, come into the lives of the kids. At first, they seem comical, and then, ominous, as it is discovered that the messages they're receiving from "the void" actually come from Lucard. Meanwhile, the kids are sure they've discovered the resting place of Lucard and plan to kill him. However, the coffin proves not to contain Lucard, but rather, Lane Zorro, nebbish vampire - but we discover that a nebbish vampire is just as dangerous as any other kind. 

Guest Cast: Judy Marshak as Lana Zorro, Chas Lawther as Lane Zorro, Alexandra Kazan as Talk Show Host Cleo Cooper

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Allan Eastman

A Little Nightmare Music

(Air Date ~ November 26, 1990)

A beautiful Spanish Contessa, Delores de Suarez y Suarez, comes to town to raise funds for her charities. She befriends Sophie, who sees in the Contessa a potential benefactor for her artistic pursuits. The Contessa pays a call on Lucard. Lucard is only too pleased to help her and, of course, invites her to dinner at his castle. When Sophie learns of the dinner date, she rushes to the castle, only to learn that the Contessa has been a vampire all along, and plans to destroy Lucard and take over his empire. The Contessa's attempt to vampirize Sophie is thwarted by Lucard, who banishes the Contessa after a fierce struggle.

Guest Cast: Gina Wilkinson as the Contessa, Kristin Kieferle

Writer: Sean Kelly

Director: Rene Bonniere

Get a Job

(Air Date ~ December 3, 1990)

Chris gets a job at an art house run by a gorgeous and, he later learns, corrupt art dealer, Julia Heisenberg, who has sold a famous painting to Alexander Lucard. Sophie realizes that this painting was stolen several years ago, and she and Chris discover in a daring break-in that Julia is not only selling stolen paintings, but also copies of the stolen works. The team heads off to rescue Julia, but they are interrupted by the local police chief, who has come to arrest Julia for forgery. Later, it turns out that the police chief is in Lucard's emply. The chief has vampirized Julia, and she and her corrupt business skills become part of Lucard's growing assets. 

Guest Cast: Louise Valiance as Julia Heisenberg, John Lefebvre

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Allan King

The Great Tickler

(Air Date ~ December 10, 1990)

Lucard invites a lounge performer with delusions of grandeur, Mycroft Tickler, to give a recital at the castle, a fact Tickler announces with great pride over dinner at Uncle Gustav's. Gustav tries to warn Tickler, but he's utterly oblivious to anything other than the chance to further his career. In point of fact, Lucard has no interest whatsoever in Tickler's talent. He kidnaps Tickler and sends a ransom note to Tickler's brother - Dr. Magnus St. John-Smythe, the anti-vampire gun inventor whose previous attempt to destroy Lucard nearly cost Max his life. Lucard has realized he could use the gun in his own defense. To speed Magnus along, Lucard captures Gustav and locks him in a shrinking room. The walls close in as Magnus works furiously to build the gun.

Guest Cast: Harry Hill as Mycroft Tickler, Patrick Monckton as Magnus St. John-Smythe, Phil Bedard

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Allan King

Bad Blood

(Air Date ~ December 17, 1990)

Lucard suffers a serious reaction after biting a young thief. He summons the infamous vampire doctor, Gabor Varney. Varney determines that Lucard attacked someone with a rare antigen in his blood. Lucard may die as a result. There is a cure, however - water from the Paquette Spring in the Bettange Valley. Lucard is fading fast, and there's no time to lose. Meanwhile, Chris has followed Sophie to a rendezvous with a young poet, Vincent, and interrupts their tete-a-tete. Vincent is actually the thief that Lucard attacked, and now the trio of vampire hunters are wondering if he and Sophie may just be vampires themselves. 

Guest Cast: Sam Malkin as Dr. Gabor Varney, Michael De Sadeleer as Vincent

Writers: Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde

Director: Randy Bradshaw

Sophie, Queen of the Night

(Air Date ~ December 24, 1990)

Following her romance with Vincent, Sophie herself has been turned into a vampire and is serving a frightening apprenticeship with Lucard. Chris and Max struggle to save Sophie from his grip, but even if they succeed, they must find a means to restore her to her human self. Meanwhile, Gustav finds the key to restoring Sophie in Vincent's unusual blood type. 

Guest Cast: Marilyn Lightstone as Mrs. Pfenning, Araby Lockhart as Miss Ringhoff, Tamara Gorski as Alexa Singleton

Writer: Peter Meech

Director: Allan King

My Girlfriend's Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble

(Air Date ~ December 31, 1990)

Having been rescued by Chris, Sophie is about to fall for him - except that Chris' old girlfriend, Alexa, turns up from Philadelphia. She's a bombshell who still has a lot of feelings for Chris and is about as different from Sophie's personality as you can get. This effectively puts on hold any romance between Chris and Sophie. Meanwhile, Alexa's father, a high-powered American businessman, is acting strangely. Is Lucard extending his web in the United States?

Guest Cast: Tamara Gorski as Alexa Singleton, Dave Nicholas as Ted Singleton, David Buckley

Writers: Jack Blum and Sharon Corder

Dirctor: Jeff Woolnough

My Fair Vampire

(Air Date ~ February 4, 1991)

Gustav's best friend is forced to go to an old age home, despite the fact that he is only a few years older than Gustav. At the home, old people are disappearing - with all the hallmarks of vampire attacks. Max and Gustav investigate. The villain turns out to be an extremely ancient vampire thousands of years older than Lucard. Meanwhile, Lucard plays Pygmalion to a gorgeous but somewhat airheaded receptionist.

Guest Cast: Barry Morse as Frederick Rilling, Marina Anderson as Amber Santana, Mary Delli Colli, David Quinlan

Writers: Phil Bedard and Larry Lalond

Director: Michael Sloan

The Decline of the Romanian Vampire

(Air Date ~ February 11, 1991)

Gustav and Lucard are imprisoned together by the evil Klaus, whom Max has inadvertently freed from the Helsing crypt. Gustav and Lucard must work together to escape. As their time runs out, each must confront the imminent end of their lives.

Guest Cast: Geraint Wyn Davies as Klaus

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Jeff Woolnough

I Love Lucard

(Air Date ~ February 18, 1991)

An old love from Lucard's past comes back into his life, only now she is married to a writer whose latest work could bring down Lucard's empire. Lucard must try to save himself while confronting the one true love of his life.

Guest Cast: Andrew Gillies as Lance Burton, Kate Trotter as Margo Burton

Writer: Stu Woolley

Director: Allan Kroeker

Bats in the Attic

(Air Date ~ April 22, 1991)

Max befriends a strange little man who runs a bookstore. But is the man harboring a vampire in his attic? Lucard has reason to believe so. One thing is certain, the bookseller wants desperately to become a vampire. 

Guest Cast: Jack Blum as Lawrence Lei, Phil Bedard as Hot 'n Steamy Delivery Man

Writer: Pascal Bonniere

Director: Rene Bonniere

Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind

(Air Date ~ April 29, 1991)

Gustav is poised on the edge of a breakthrough in vampire hunting, when Mom arrives to take the boys home. But Gustav's research leads even further than he hoped. He might be able to save his son, Klaus, from an eternity as a vampire, but possibly at the cost of his own life. The answer lies in the mystery of Lucard's darkest secret.

Guest Cast: Geraint Wyn Davies as Klaus

Writers: Glenn Davis and William Laurin

Director: Allan Kroeker

My Dinner with Lucard

(Air Date ~ May 6, 1991)

Gustav, Sophie, Chris, and Max find themselves having dinner with their arch enemy Lucard, and they decide during conversation that their battles and adventures have made them close friends. During the remainder of the evening, they discuss their previous close encounters. However, all is not as it seems...

Guest Cast: Geraint Wyn Davies as Klaus

Writers: Phil Bedard and larry Lalonde

Director: Rene Bonniere

Source: Epi-Log: The Television Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure / September 1991, Issue #10, pp. 31-32. Reprinted from the press kit for Dracula: The Series.

Note: The dates above reflect publicized original release dates for more than 100 cities across the United States. The order of episodes as originally aired differs from the listing on the DVD sets.